Filipino Martialarts Arnis/Kali/Escrima Class

Arnis/Kali/Eskrima ※1

Using two sticks, it is a great way to exercise your body and train your brain at the same time. It is a slightly unusual type of martial art. It can be enjoyed as a sport or as a self-defense technique, depending on the purpose of the person doing it.

※ 1 “Arnis/Kali/Eskrima” are all the same thing with different names.

The action movie you saw the other night…could that be Arnis?

Arnis has been used not only in Hollywood movies, but also in Japanese movies such as “SP THE MOTION PICTURE” and dramas such as “CRISIS” etc…

Introduced in the TV program “Moya Moya Summers 2”.

Arnis Club Tokyo is a Tokyo-based organization that teaches the Filipino martial art of Arnis/Kali/Eskrima.

Our Association has been featured in various magazines, including the “Hiden Magazine” and “Shukan Asahi,” and TV Tokyo’s “Moya Moya Sammers 2” will air on September 15, 2019, under the title “Around Shimokitazawa – Eh! How much has changed with the redevelopment? ~” was also featured in the program.

Arnis/Kali/Eskrima school

Just as there are various schools of kenjutsu in Japan, there are various schools of arnis, a Filipino martial art. At Arnis Club Tokyo, we practice modern arnis, which has been developed for modern use, and belongs to a school called “Redonda Arnis”.



Founder of Redonda Arnis
Senior Master of the Modern Arnis Federation of the Philippines. Instructor of trainings and seminars in the Philippines and abroad. He has studied various Filipino martial arts schools and is the founder of Redonda Arnis. He is also an instructor of Yoshinkan Aikido and a riot policeman.


Representative of Arnis Club Tokyo
As a staff member of a bodyguard company, he was involved in many crime prevention courses, and during that time he also worked as an instructor at a self-defense school. He also has extensive knowledge and experience in kobudo and martial arts bodywork (katsuho). Modern Arnis 4-dan

Arnis Club Tokyo – 3 Recommendations –

  1. Highly Fast Learning
    Complex techniques are organized in a systematic manner, allowing for rapid progress at the pace of the individual.
  2. Easygoing Atmosphere
    The martial arts may sound intimidating, but we are far from that, and our atmosphere is as casual as a fitness gym or yoga class.
  3. You can learn more than just modern arnis.
    Currently, at Arnis Club Tokyo, you can also learn the ancient swordsmanship style “Abanico Tres Puntas” and the super close combat style “Balintawak”.

Fun practice at overseas resorts

Although canceled in 2019 due to the Corona, the biennial world-class competition “FMA Festival*2” will be held in the Philippines.

Here, esclimadores (arnis users) not only from the Philippines but from all over the world gather to exchange not only techniques but also various other cultures.

※2 FMA = Filipine Martial Arts

 As one of your new hobbies or lessons.

Arnis works well for the brain anyway. It is quite understandable that arnis has been adopted in physical education in the Philippines. Yet, in Japan, it is still not very well known and not many people are doing it. It would be a shame if people don’t try it, despite the fact that it is such an excellent system.

In the U.S., the name “Kali” is well known, and the number of people who practice arnis is increasing year by year. I am sure that one day it will become popular in Japan as well, so why don’t you try it as a new hobby or a new way to learn?

Arnis Club Tokyo Yokohama Branch

Yokohama Branch (formerly Yokohama Training Group) is a new branch of Arnis Club Tokyo, just launched in 2021. We currently practice every Sunday morning, mainly in Tsuzuki-ku or Kohoku-ku.

Location and Date/Time

Location: Tsuzuki-ku or Kohoku-ku*3 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Date & Time: Every Sunday from 09:30 to 11:30

※3 Locations may change from time to time, so please contact us for details.


1) Admission :

6,000 yen (including 2,000 yen for sports insurance for the first year)/only for the first time

2) Membership fee < Yokohama Branch > :
Fee structure differs from that of the head office.

General: 2,000 yen per session
Students: 1,000 yen per session
Trial: 1,000 yen / first time only
Visitor: 3,000 yen/times (for non-members after the second time)

3) Other :

Monthly membership fee to Arnis Club Tokyo Headquarters 500 yen/month
Sports insurance 2,000 yen/year (2nd year and thereafter)

Arnis Club Tokyo [List of Classes]

▼ Arnis Club Tokyo Headquarters

Takada-no-baba Class (Sunday morning)
Nakano Class (Every Monday night)
Shimokitazawa Class (Every Tuesday early morning)
Kanamachi Class (Every Wednesday nigh)
Hino Class (Every Sunday night)
Koganei Class (Every Thursday night)
Tachikawa Class(Culture School)

Arnis Club Tokyo Brunch

Eastern Training Group
Ueno or Gokokuji (Every Saturday morning)
“Abanico Tres Puntas” will be taught at the Eastern Branch.

Yokohama Branch
Tsuzuki-ku or Kohoku-ku (Every Sunday morning)

▼ Arnis Club Tokyo circle of like-minded people

In Sendai

Contact us

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